The importance of a cleanser and a toner, and how to chose the right ones

The importance of a cleanser and a toner, and how to chose the right ones

Diana Cristina Oquendo on 5th Jun 2021

As a licensed esthetician my first tip for a better complexion is "wash your face", if you didn't know the importance of allowing your skin to breathe from everything that it has being exposed during your daily activities, including sweat, smoke, sunscreen which is actually is toxic to sleep on, your beautiful makeup, dust and many other tiny little things that grab on your pores and lines, you need to read this.

Properly cleansing your skin on a daily basis, does not mean to exfoliate every day specially if you have sensitive skin, but finding the right cleanser is of great importance and using a toner it is not less important because toners adjusts the PH that your skin needs to remain healthy.

I have found that many of my clients are afraid to use a toner because it can dry the skin and here is what get us confused, "Not all toners are astringents", if your skin tends to be dry, make sure that you read the list of ingredients of the toner you are about to buy, if a toner contains witch hazel or ethyl alcohol (ethanol) becomes an astringent and can for sure be drying and should only be used on oily skin.

If you are not sure about what kind of cleanser and/or toner you should be using we are always here to help you make an informed decision.

I recommend exfoliating only ones or twice a week excepting but if you want to mildly exfoliate every day I suggest the 


This is for sure my favorite cleanser for all skin types, it will soften your skin, reveal a beautiful glow and everyone that have try it loves its aroma.

As for very dry skin a creamy cleanser will remove all traces of makeup and doesn't need to be rinsed, so it can be very easy to use when there is no time or when you are away from home. For this purpose you can go with: