How to properly layer your skincare products

How to properly layer your skincare products

Diana Cristina Oquendo on 11th Aug 2021

After removing all traces of makeup and thoroughly cleaning your skin, I always recommend the use of a mild toner to achieve the right PH balance.

A question I get a lot is: what should I use first, Serum or Moisturizer? and the answer is always the same, because Serum’s molecules are smaller They should always go before a moisturizer, day or night cream. This will guarantee a better absorption of ingredients. Applying a serum after a moisturizer will be a complete waste of product because, it won’t have enough contact with the skin.

Applying a cream or moisturizer after a serum will create a barrier which keeps the serum ingredients sealed resulting in better absorption and retention of nourishing ingredients.

Sunscreen always goes on last and should never be on any products in your nightly routine.